domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Mindflayer - Take Your Skin Off (2003)


1. Take Your Shoes Off
2. Head Of State On A Plate LEVITATION
3. Drop Bass Not Bombs LEVIATHIN
4. A Wind War III Pt. 1
5. Everyone Dies (We Won Anyways) Pt. 2
6. Are You Fucked Up
7. Gold Lake Spiller
8. Bubble Trouble Lem Is No Proble
9. Cat Kid's Dance Troupe
10. I Fell Into A Pool Of Crawling Chaos
11. Street Attack With Mongrels, Elephants, Glitter, Etc
12. Swallowed By The Earth
13. Spit Out By The Earth Wind Skin
14. You're Dead At The Bottom Of A Dungeon, Deal With It


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Danilo Alves dijo...

Could you reupload this album please?

Anónimo dijo...

yes please!!

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