domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Dressed in Wires - The Muslim Power List (2010)


1. Just Laid On The Floor, Screaming Like A Fucking Tube
2. Downs
3. Play Nice
4. "There's A lot Of People Getting Blown Up In This Film." "Yes. It Is A War Film."
5. Faith In Dirt
6. The Dead Swell
7. This'll Be Our Little Secret, If You Tell Anyone I'll Rip Your Mouth Out


"This is an extremely limited collector's piece, there is only one copy. The properly lavish hand-crafted box contains the music physically built-in and hardwired into the assembly, also contains booklet artwork, buried amongst some dirt, hair, a little bit of sperm, cat claws, and a tooth of the artist".

Really sick stuff going on here. Also, the package is awesome (with the exception of the sperm (well, if you like sperm, you are free to like it (?)). For those who enjoy the harsh noise stuff, you will love this.

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