viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Trinitron Meets The Mars People - Mars People Meets The Trinitron (2008)


1. Czech Out These Spots On This Kozmik Geer-Af
2. Dragon Skin, For Your Hands
3. Bear Grylls Ate My Fuckin' Turtle!
4. Your Sasquatch Stole Lint From My Bear's Pocket
5. The Tiring Town Tells The Towers To Tear Terror Till Tonight Ticks Time Tightly (Aliteration Aside)
6. The Hungry Mouse Caught His Tail On The Pantry Door
7. Otter Pop! Pop! Pop! (Tierra Luna)
8. Hey! Stop Stealing Monkeys
9. AH Haaha HA Goes This Hilarious Hyena
10. The Fawn Took My Shoes. And Now I Need Blues Clues
11. Panda Bear City
12. Tusk Tusk Tusk Elley-Phant


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