jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

Crouching_World - Passed Out (2010)


1. C_W 1a: Beer
2. C_W 1b: Rogers Park
3. C_W 1c: Barack Obama
4. C_W 1d: College
5. C_W 1e: Blood Pact


"Crouching_World in Passed Out, starring a KORG Electribe MX, KORG microKORG, Manipulated Thumb Drum, MacBook, Guitar, mad pedals, microphone + vox.

It was recorded live on 03/25/2010, but I never got around to compiling and editing it until 04 December 2010.

It's droned-out synthesizer/laptop free improvisation with splashes of noise and ambient and whatever else we were channeling at the time.

The Crouching_World Collective consists of Jober, SNuffy, Paragus, Sabez, Kevin K., all of who make music as solo artists in various genres (you can find the first four's music on the bandcamp or soundcloud or myspace), and was based in the Northside of Chicago, IL."

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